SSAA Darling Downs Branch Inc. (SSAADD) Q28 is the autonomous Toowoomba based branch of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA).

The aims of our organisations are:

  • To promote and improve the role of the sporting shooter in the Darling Downs area.

  • To help educate young people in the skills of shooting and proper care and safe handling of firearms.

  • Provide a facility for new and existing sporting shooters to practice and learn in safe and controlled environment

The SSAADD club co-habits with the Army Aviation Centre Combat Pistol Club (AACCPC) at their Cabarlah range. The strict service style of range discipline and safety has remained and maintained an enviable safety record. The club provides marksmanship training for many competitive variations, while maintaining an environment wherein an essential camaraderie and personal discipline is able to develop.

The club is a not a financial organisation to join to obtain a licence. It is a true club with the definition of "formal association of people with similar interests"

Army Aviation Combat Pistol Club

The AACCPC was formed in 1978 by military members of the Army Aviation Centre at Oakey and has occupied the 25 metre range at Cabarlah since 1981. The A.A.C.C.P.C. club has grown slowly over the years, but with posting cycles taking members away and the club constitution not allowing non military members to join. The reality was the club was loosing talented non military personal that would have contributed to the club but could not become members. It was decided to form a branch of the SSAA that would sit along side the Army club allowing civilians to join and bring their experience and knowledge to the club as a whole.

SSAA Darling Downs Branch

Q28 SSAA Darling Downs was created to allow non-military members to join what was then the Army Aviation Combat Pistol Club. This allowed the club to maintain a strong member base independent of the posting cycles of the military members.